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take up one idea, make that one idea,
your life think of it, dream of it,
live on that idea,
let the brain, muscles, nerves,
every part of your body,
be full of that idea and just
leave every other idea alone.
This is the way to success.

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As master said, we can conclude 'people with great passion can make the impossible happen'. In Skyblue Team we find our passion in event industry. Our thinking and ideas about events made us to go deep into it, and understand the practical aspects of events in present conditions, and keep on gaining more and more knowledge about event industry's beauty and road-blocks-which follows behind of it, conclusions of handling each and every event and make them more successful by overcoming the challenges coming in its way. We believe in this quote, 'when you've got something to prove, there's nothing greater than a challenge!'

We find our future success in event management which filled us with more and more positive energy, enthusiasm and honest confidence (but not overfilled!).

We started our own platform "Skyblue Event Management India Pvt. Ltd". on Wednesday the 29th June 2016.

Skyblue Events is a premier event management agency with interests in event planning, product launches, corporate functions and conferences, experiential marketing and live music extravaganzas. Regardless of whether it's a diplomatic mission, blue chip company, corporate entity or private individuals, we'll put in all it takes to make your event a truly memorable one and outstanding one.

We believe in this quote, 'every change is a challenge to become who we really are' - Marianne Williamson

From the past five years we attended n number of events, we enjoyed it, understood it, gained knowledge from it & finally we leave us ourselves to think always about events, events & events!!!

Here at Skyblue, we go above and beyond to weave sweet memories of grandeur to last you a lifetime. From inspirational ideas to stunning productions, all presented with exquisite creativity and a discerning eye for detail, you can trust us here at Skyblue to create for you the perfect experience that will exceed all your expectations.....

Because we view you each event as a unique, custom made experience irrespective of size or budget, and always endeavor to make each occasion better than the rest, which is why we are proud of our very special Skyblue Team, because with us, excellence comes us standard.

True to the word, 'we love what we do'. But at the end of the day, what's most important is that "you love what we do for you". So whether it's just one thing or you'd like us to take the whole event off your hands and plan it from the start, rest assured, we'll put our years of experience to task.



Our philosophy has always been building relationships. We go above and beyond to integrate with your team and weave memories of grandeur. We work with true honesty and provide thoughtful direction to give life to your dreams.

As Swami Vivekananda said, take up one idea. Make that one idea your life think of it, dream of it, live on that idea, let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success...


We are a team of highly knowledgeable, friendly, who are ever attentive to our client requirements ensuring their strategy and message is aligned, from business objectives and brand values, to target audience and event format. We confront and; only then we start conceptualizing a be spoke event management strategy and make event planning seamless and fun-filled to deliver a lifetime memorable experience.

We pride ourselves on stressing our attention to every detail, value for money, researching options and our ability to meet and exceed Clients' expectations. We always work keeping in mind to give client beyond their expectations. Deadlines are our friends & we make sure that we are honest with our deadlines. It is these features that make clients to come back to us on time and again ensuring our on-going success. We always keep an extra eye and care on all our works.


Skyblue Event Management Companies in bangalore is one of upcoming leading Event & Holidays management company dedicated to deliver and manage successful events, conferences and corporate meetings and meets the needs of industry pioneers. We provide a variety of versatile event solutions.

Offerings at Skyblue...


We plan with our brains and execute the best with love. Our planning will take you behind the scenes and through every aspect of organizing and executing a successful event, the planning stages, timing and logistics, budget preparation, operations, and on-site management, providing practical tools for anyone who has to plan and execute a truly special event.


We all call our working space as temple & here we work together with dedication for you to implement your event strategies, goals and time lines of your event. Analyzing the details of your communications strategy and the intricacies of your brand, we assist in the identification of your target audience, and do our best to achieve your goals.


When you approach us, we'll guarantee you will be pampered by a passionate event organiser responsible for bringing your event or program to life. Our manager will be supported by an equally zealous team of in-house specialists who will add their own magic along the way. In short, you'll be assured of a truly unique experience and one that will surprise, delight, engage & woo your audience. Our works evolves around Research, Planning, Passion, Communication, Excellence of time management, Flexibility, Resourcefulness & Creative bent of mind.