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Skyblue Events

About Us


Where Every Event is a Masterpiece!

At SkyBluevents, we believe in turning dreams into extraordinary realities. As a leading event management company based in India, we specialize in curating seamless experiences across a diverse range of events, including government functions, corporate gatherings, social celebrations, and entertainment extravaganzas.


Incredible Experience

We do not just organize events, celebrations and weddings for you. Our company is engaged in the embodiment of your ideas in the highest quality and perfect forms.


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events implemented


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Our Team

Meet Dhruva Kumar HP

We are proud to introduce Dhruva Kumar HP, the visionary Director of Sky Blue Events, whose illustrious career spans over 12 years in the dynamic landscape of event management. With an exceptional track record and a passion for creating unforgettable experiences, Dhruva stands as a seasoned professional in the industry.

A Glance at Dhruva's Remarkable Journey

Government Events Maestro: Dhruva’s expertise shines particularly in the realm of government events, where he has successfully orchestrated and managed a staggering 147 plus events. His nuanced understanding of the intricacies involved in governmental functions has positioned Sky Blue Events as a trusted partner for official conferences, exhibitions, and diverse governmental gatherings.

Wedding Maestro

Beyond the governmental sphere, Dhruva has brought joy and elegance to over 300 weddings. His keen eye for detail and creative flair ensure that each wedding under his guidance is a unique and magical celebration of love.

Versatility Across All Event Types

Dhruva’s extensive experience extends to all facets of event management, showcasing his versatility and adaptability. From corporate galas to cultural festivals, product launches to private celebrations, Dhruva’s leadership ensures that every event is executed with precision and flair.


Sky Blue Events was founded in the year 2016, in these 8 plus years Sky Blue Events has seen tremendous growth. In this course of growth, we always emphasized on new peoples, new ideas and talents.
Joining Sky Blue Events means an opportunity to explore your potential and the joy of working alongside the finest minds. It’s an inspiring combination of growth prospects, fair play and a great work culture that makes Sky Blue Events an exciting place to be in.